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    Testimonial from James M., October 26, 2011

    I would never be able to say in a few words what a Blessing Parkway Clinic means to me and my family.

    Dr.'s West, Dr. Howard and the staff are always professional, knowledgeable, and kind ready always ready to meet your needs.

    Several years ago Nemo (our toy poodle) was bitten very badly by a pit bull that was loose. Dr. West and his staff went right to work, even though I knew he was almost dead when I got him to the clinic.  They worked 3.5 hours on him, keeping me informed all the time on his condition and never giving up on him.  The clinic never hesitated to keep me informed or answer any questions I had and where I could understand the answers. Nemo pulled through and is almost 100% except for a little arthritis where the bit was.

    Just several months ago our little Maltese, Lily, had her puppies, after three weeks one late night, she became very ill. I cal at 3 AM in the morning and explained what I saw and feared she would die.  Dr. West knew almost 100% what was wrong but needed to see her.  He met me at the clinic in 15 minutes, gave her an IV, a slow acting shot and advises to have stopped feeding the puppies and gave us to nurse them. Lilly and her puppies are great and in good health today.

    Dr. Howard is also a life saver caring for our puppies, always giving me insight to the health and care of our dogs. I have never had an animal doctor so concerned and helpful to keep a pet owner advised on their animals' health and to keep them healthy.

    The staff is always warm and friendly and just like Dr. West and Dr. Howard shows a genuine love and care for our pets.

    I have tried to make this short, however, I would like to say one last thing. I would never consider taking my pets to anyone else care, because at Parkway they treat your pet as if the pet was theirs.

    God Bless,

    James L. Maxey
    Ret, USA
    Ret., State of TN
    (via email, October 26, 2011)