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    Testimonial from Stephanie S., May 1, 2013

    First I have to start off by saying I am not the easiest pet parent to work with. I worry about every little thing and always second guess my decisions about my cats. I want to always make sure that I am doing the right thing to ensure that they are happy and healthy.

    We were new to the Clarksville area and recently adopted a new cat, I did a lot of research to find a vet office to take care of my two girls plus the little guy we had just gotten and I am so glad I chose Parkway!!! From the moment that I walked in the first time I knew I had made the right decision. They had two dogs that greeted us right from the start and they were able to roam freely and visit whomever they liked.

    Once we were placed in the exam room I was yet again very impressed because they left the door to the back opened so not only could I hear what was going I could see too. I got to see what wonderful care they were giving the animals and see first hand their loving nature with all of them. Our first appointment was a success and I left there feeling very happy. A week later our little guy Sammy became sick and I called on a Tuesday morning and explained to Mrs. Candy what had been going on with him, she was so kind and loving, she answered ALL my questions and spent a long time on the phone with me assuring me we would figure out what was going on. She worked around my sons school schedule to make sure I was able to bring Sammy in that day. I got off the phone feeling good about it. I spent the rest of the morning doing a bunch of research about his symptoms and got incredibly scared that he had something that could be fatal. I immediately called back and voiced my concern and yet again Mrs. Candy answered all my questions with love and understanding. She assured me that everything would be okay and to not get to worried and let Dr. Howard look at him. I got off yet again feeling better just from her reassurance.

    We got to the office a little early and I anticipated on having to wait since I was so early and it was a same day appointment but nope I was immediately taken back to the exam room and they started the test. The test took ten minutes to run and just in that short amount of time I got to witness yet again what great care they were giving the animals. I got to see how they interacted with a family that unfortunately due to old age and medical problems had to put their dog down, which is always a horrible thing to have to do. They allowed them to spend as long as they wished with their beloved dog. I got to watch a dog in the back that had been hurt by another dog get the best care. I watched as they carefully put clean bedding down while holding him up, put new pillows down to ensure his body would be as comfortable as possible. Dr. Howard then came over and lovingly rubbed his head and talked to him as she gave him syringe after syringe (no needle of course) full of water until he did not want anymore.

    Lastly, I got to see the staff have to go out to somebody's car and bring in their injured dog, the male vet technician stayed right by that dogs side the entire time even though he was needed other places. The mother of that dog did not want it to be alone and he promised he would not and he kept that promise.

    I am so impressed with everyone's loving spirit and you can tell they have so much love for their patients and their patients families. I just cannot brag enough about Mrs. Candy and Dr. Howard for being so patient with me, answering all of my questions and assuring me that I was doing everything right and that my little Sammy was going to be just fine.  So happy that they take care of my feline babies!!!

    Stephanie S.
    (via Web site, May 1, 2013)